Special Ops Training

Panthera Enterprises has a worldwide cadre of experienced trainers, curriculum developers, and accredited instructors with significant experience creating new programs or modernizing existing programs. We work closely with each customer to tailor a specific training plan to maximum the training benefits, and insert the appropriate tools to evaluate students before, during, and post-training to ensure training has been effective.

Panthera Enterprises has its own 750-acre training center, but can also provide training at a customer’s site or a neutral site. Night Eagle instructors have trained Army, Navy, Marine Corp, Air Force and Special Operations teams worldwide.

  • Firearms
  • Driving / Mobility
  • Medical
  • Small Unit Tactics
  • Survival & Evasion Techniques
  • Surveillance Detection / Counter Surveillance
  • SSE (Sensitive Site Exploitation)
  • Intelligence Gathering
  • Visit, Board, Search & Seizure
  • Maritime Operations / Interdiction
  • Command / Staff Actions & Procedures
  • Air / Ground Operations
  • Counter-Terrorism
  • Counter- Narcotics
  • Hostage Rescue